FUNDACION APRENDE LEYENDO is a non-profit organization focused on the development and improvement of reading and writing skills in children aged 4 to 12 years from a low socio-economic background.

We strongly believe that education is a basic human right that can break the poverty cycle by allowing people to access better opportunities in life.

APRENDE LEYENDO was established in 2014 in Manizales – Colombia as a program from the World Literacy Foundation, a global charity organization with projects and offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa.


¡We transform children’s lives through the power of literacy!

Our activities are focused on improving the literacy and numeracy skills of our children to allow them access to better educational opportunities regardless of their socio-economic status.

We provide weekly reading classes and literacy tutoring to children who cannot read and write or are struggling to learn these skills.


We distribute books and educational resources to children whose families cannot afford them.

We provide parent mentoring to promote reading as a regular habit at home.


In 2016, the illiterate people over 15 years old in Colombia came to 1,982,102 and the main cause reported was poverty. At least 80% of people from vulnerable families in the country cannot read and write, the higher illiteracy rates are found in young people from rural and remote communities where access to education and books is limited.

According to UNESCO, 243,808 children in Colombia are out-of-school and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) states that the school life expectation for children from disadvantaged families is 6 years while for their wealthier peers is 12 years or more.


A Research conducted by Harvard University confirms that in the early years, more than a million new neural connections are formed every second. Nourishing and stimulating a child’s mind in the first years of life is as essential as feeding their body. This shapes the adults they become, the success they achieve, and the contributions they make to our economy and society.

Unfortunately, many kids from disadvantaged backgrounds are not getting the educational nourishment they need. Children who grow up in low-income families enter school with substantially smaller words than their wealthier classmates.

Going to school without words is like going without being feed. This makes harder for kids the development of their creativity, imagination, communication skills and also it affects negatively their learning and development process.

This disadvantage is the beginning of more inequalities along the life and has a negative impact not only on the academic performance at school but in salary level earned in the adulthood.



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CEO & Founder
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Project Coordinator
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Marketing Coordinator
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IT Support
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Graphic Designer
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International Auditor