Dingo App is a digital learning tool that develops and enhances the literacy skills of children in both; Spanish and English. 

We are bringing together innovative technology, e-books, games, and locally-curated content to advance the learning of children aged 4-10 years who have limited or no access to education and technology.



Raising ‘global citizens’

We aim to educate children on sustainable development goals to encourage them to participate in the creation of a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure and sustainable world


Locally tailored content

The educational activities are developed out of Colombian culture to facilitate meaningful learning


Collaborative solution

We work in collaboration with partners and volunteers in the education sector, IT engineers graphic designers, authors, and children from our reading program.


Offline Content

Internet connection is not required to run the application


Bilingual content

We know English is an essential language for a globalized world. Our app provides a module to learn basic vocabulary in English



Low-cost Solution

It is so much cheaper and easier than transporting thousands of books to every community

We are committed to promoting prosperity while protecting the planet. The educational content included on our literacy app is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals


Manvir Kaur
Book Illustrator

Country: India, living in Australia

“I like to promote education through my illustrations for kids.WLF provides a way for newbies (like me) to experience their skills and serve the community.”

Christine Luong
Book Illustrator

Country: Australia

“I feel privileged to be able to spend my time supporting educational initiatives across the world.”

Favourite book: Calypso by David Sedaris

Veronica Mejia
Content Creator

Country: Italy

“Having the chance to learn how to read or write, shouldn’t be a privilege but a right of every kid. Being part of this project helped me to grow as a person, giving is fantastic and knowing that you are helping a little kid, it’s a wonderful feeling. “

Ju Ferreira
Book Illustrator

Country: Brazil, living in Australia

“I always  wanted to donate my time and services for a organisation that are making the difference in the world and when I saw your amazing project it  felt the perfect thing to do, helping other by doing what I love to do. :)”

Gaby Pineros

Country: Colombia, living in Australia

“When I heard about this project, I wanted to be part of it because I love my country and I’m sure education is the only way to break inequality and poverty. Our children and younger people need to be empowered with literacy and Dingo is a digital learning resource full of love, effort, and passion. “

Mery Carolina Ramirez
Audiobook Narrator

Country: Colombia

“I’m proud to be part of this project. It is invaluable and magical to help children discover the joy of reading and writing so they can play an active role in their learning process and in their life projects. I have large experience in communication and languages and it is something that requires love and dedication every day.

Karime Tepos
Graphic Designer

Country: Mexico, living in Australia

“As a designer, I had the great experience to collaborate with WLF in the development of this awesome educational app. I’m really happy to know that behind this project there is a lot of wonderful and passionate people about promoting education in a fun and assertive way.”

Huizi Helene Li
Book Illustrator

Country: Australia

“Illustration is always my passion, and even it’s just a little bit but I’m still very happy to see my works can be helpful for those kids.”

Maria Camila Pulido
Content Creator

Country: Colombia living in Australia

“Reading is the door to the past but also to new and incredible worlds. By joining this project, I’m helping the new generations to have the opportunity to discover the magic world of reading and find refuge there”

Andrea Gualteros
Graphic Designer

Country: Colombia, living in Australia

“It’s been a gratifying experience for me to add my skills and experience to this great initiative and help the Dingo program to enable more children in Colombia to gain access to books and early literacy tools.”






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