5 Years Old

“I live with my mom and my two little brothers. My mom takes us to the activities every week because they are very cool, there teach me many things, they teach the vowels and letters of the alphabet, we do exercises and learn words on the activity’s books. They also read me stories that are very funny and I learn from them. I want to be there every week, it’s the best!”

Juan Diego

16 Years Old

“I live with my mom. I used to come to the foundation since the beginning that Miss Paula arrived at the neighborhood, now I’m in eleven grade and I no longer live there. I learned many things such as reading comprehension that was very difficult for me, they taught techniques to understand what I read. Additionally, I think I’m now a better person for what I learned there for 3 years. This program is very valuable “

Yeimi Paola

9 Years Old

“I live with my mom, my grandmother and my six little brothers. I cannot go to school because my mom is very poor and can’t afford my school, I have a problem since I was born and I cannot walk normally, so I like my mom brings us to the foundation because here they give us love, some snacks and also they teach us how to read, we work on activities books to learn the letters and we read very good stories “

Andrés Mauricio

10 Years Old

“I’m in fourth grade, I live with my 13-year-old sister, my mom and my grandmother, but I live with many more relatives in my house. I am always cheerful and happy since the beginning of the class, I love it because I learn many things, they provide us with reading classes and I can do better at school, also we color big cartoon books”

Esther Carolina

9 Years Old

“I live with my mom and my 7-year-old brother, my mom works in a family home cleaning. I have fun coming to the program every week, I always waiting for that day because we do many activities, what I like most is that we practice reading with Miss Chelito and read many fairy tales and I am one of the princesses “

Natalia León


“My name is Natalia and I live with my two 4-year-old children and my 3-months-old baby, my husband works in construction and I take care of the kids. I come to help Miss Paula in the foundation because I can be involved in other activities, and I have always liked to be a teacher, but I couldn’t finish my studies because I didn’t have enough financial resources. I am happy to be part of this project because we teach many things to the children of this neighborhood, we teach them how to read and write and they are happy in the program “

Diana Beltrán


“As a human being, I am very satisfied with my volunteering role in the foundation, help these little ones who need it and lift them out of illiteracy. Working as a volunteer allows you to spend a little more time focused on others and give you the opportunity to see first-hand hard situations that you wouldn’t experience in your normal life, volunteering is about doing your bit to help change the world. The best we can do is to teach children the value of education “

Alba Lucía León


“I live in the neighborhood with 3 of my 8 children, I am a single mother and I work cleaning houses to support my children. I work with Miss Paula since the beginning, and this work is very beautiful. We teach children how to read and write. They read stories they like and spend their afternoons away from the cruel reality of their lives. The activities help the children nurture the love of the study and know that if they do not study, they won’t access to better opportunities to help their families. Children love to come on Thursdays and we give them some food.”


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